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Internet Marketing And SEO Services For Maryland Businesses:

As the Baltimore area's leading experts in internet marketing, we do whatever it takes to make local Maryland businesses rank #1 in search results on Google, YouTube, social media, and anywhere else your customers might be looking for you! 

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What can Baltimore City SEO do?

We offer two levels of SEO campaigns to help businesses get found on Google:


Keyword Research:

We use a number of automated tools to crawl search results, and see exactly what terms people are searching for, and which are most popular. This is helpful for creating content that best answers those questions. We then track these keywords over time to monitor for changes.

SERP content analysis:

We will find where your competitors are posting the content that is currently ranking above you. We then go to those platforms, create accounts, and post higher quality content linking to your site, instead of theirs. Often these are free blogs and social media. Sometimes this involves manual email outreach to website owners. In some cases, we just create a similar website with better content.

Content Creation:

We can create pretty much any type of digital content, whether it is text, images, video, audio. Original, authentic, engaging content is the #1 factor that affects how people interact with your websites and social media accounts, so having content that “pops,” and catches attention is crucial. We simply take a look at what content is already ranking #1, and then make a similar piece of content with much more detail. As internet users and Google bots identify the better content, it moves up the ranks!

Account Creation / Content Distribution:

Online accounts are very powerful for SEO for a variety or reasons. Simply put, each one is another digital “location” for your business, where people (and google bots) can find you. We will create profiles on various websites, blogs, platforms, and social media platforms across the internet that we use to proliferate your digital content.

YouTube Channel Management:

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and it is owned by the first: Google. It is also where more and more people turn everyday for not only entertainment, but information and education. Naturally, anyone wanting to be found online should have a presence there. Our founder uploaded his first YouTube video back in 2005… Since then, Gary Vaynerchuk used the platform to build multi-billion dollar businesses, and rise to be one of the most influential entrepreneurship influencers. So have countless others. Now its your turn!

One 5 Page Website:

The Level 1 marketing package includes 1 unbranded website designed, hosted, and managed by us. This can link directly to a website you already own, or can direct traffic directly to your address, phone number, or email address.  


Everything Included In Level 1, Plus:

Website Creation:

We use software that lets us create, clone, and edit websites very quickly an efficiently. This allows us to create a wide variety of sub-niche websites, targeting even more specific keywords and audiences. It also allows us to further sub-divide our paid ad traffic, matching each visitor with the landing page that suits them best. We structure these websites like a pyramid, with your “money site” at the top, and multiple tiers of funnels and lead-collection pages below.

301 Redirects:

People abandon websites every day. Whether they go out of business, forget to renew, get a new website, or whatever… Those abandoned sites go up for auction. Often, they can be had for pennies on the dollar, meaning you can harness all of the links and authority they have been building for years! We buy these sites and use them to build the niche-sites mentioned above. Instead of a traditional 301 redirect, this serves to mask the re-purposed URL, keeping it separate from your money-site. This allows you to use the power of grey or black hat SEO, without the risk of damaging the authority of your main site should google catch on, and decide to issue a penalty.

Automated Link Building and PBN’s:

In simple terms, we have a bot that crawls the internet for free blogging platforms, creates accounts on each one it finds, and then posts keyword-rich blogs (including images and video) that link to our various online properties. You may have heard from other SEO’s that using bots or this sort of black-hat link building can actually hurt your website… While that is true (although somewhat rare) from our experience Google is not going to penalize itself, nor any of the other highly trusted social networks, especially if the profile already has organic engagement. We only use this technique on the secondary sub-sites and accounts that we create mentioned in the steps above, never directly to a money site.

Click-Through Rate Manipulation:

Believe it or not, modern algorithms have advanced to the point that a users behavior on your website or social profile has a direct impact on it’s rank and authority. In fact, it is not only their behavior on your website that Google monitors, but their behavior before and after. So, if 100 “real” people search for “baltimore eye exam” and then scroll through the results until they reached your website, click on it, and then spend some time there, this is a massive sign to Google that your website is relevant… There are a number of ways of accomplishing this for SEO, including: paying real people, creating virtual “people” (bots), QR code direct mail to a targeted area, etc…

Paid Ads:

We find that paid ads are most effective once most of the previously mentioned steps have been established. For one, after the above steps, your content should be thoroughly sub-divided into hyper targeted niches, meaning you can direct your ad traffic to the specific piece of content most relevant to them. Second, some of that content will have already established some authority, meaning when people click your ad and land on your page, they can already see it is “legit.” For example, if they open a new tab and do a search for you, plenty of content comes up. Finally, by this point you have a better idea of what types of content people are engaging with, and what isn’t working. Instead of wasting ad budget on testing, you can just run paid traffic to the posts that are already working. We are familiar with running campaigns on most of the popular platforms.

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